flash vs “want to do” art – what’s the difference?

it’s pretty simple.

flash is a drawing or design that a tattoo artist will do on anyone, repeatedly, it’s not a unique or singular image. they’ve drawn or purchased the rights to tattoo it as much and as often as they want, and it’s often really cool.

22×30″ sheet of flash.

“want to do this” means the artist has drawn a custom design and wants to do it, once, on one person. the word “flash” is the difference: flash means images you can “flash” to show customers what you can do. in the old days it was up on the walls, or in racks, in every shop and you would walk in and pick something.

it was all pre drawn, repeatable, ready to go.

vintage flash from a friend’s collection

but custom art or one-off drawings are usually never called flash by a tattoo artist.

something I want to do

if you see the word “flash” just be aware it’s a design that isn’t yours alone. otherwise, clarify with your artist by asking if they intend to repeat the tattoo, and ask for a custom piece if you don’t want that.

either way is fine!

something I wanted to do

and then I did it.

a floral day- sunflower and dahlia

adding to an older tattoo.

finishing a sleeve; mushroom and snail and fern

One of my favorite clients and favorite projects, a sleeve full of mucky color washes, woodcut lines, snails, ferns, moths and blackberries with mushrooms. there’s a few smoky quartz crystals in there too.

Halloween week!


recent works:

costume days at the shop:

over the garden wall

the crickets get quiet when the beast walks

bloody, and rainbow in a jar

a really good day in tattooing.

October 22, back to regular posts this month!

Have updated some things here and will be back to regular posting! here’s some recent work.

recently! 2021

my books will be opening for early 2022 in mid-December. I’ll be looking to do: woodcut, woodcut with wash/color blocking, and more thick outline work.

here’s a few recent pieces finished!

color woodcut with block color
woodcut with wash
stained glass heavy outline
“vintage wallpaper” flowers
stained glass heavy outline (unfinished)
up for grabs

a few recent works! 2021

skull woodcut
depressed skeleton woodcut
floral woodcut sleeve
subdued colors: pupper lights the way
woodcut berries

getting back to work!

a subdued color floral sleeve added to, and a tree- we’ll be doing some green green leaves next session.


I’m glad to be back at it.




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