Originals will be for sale, Nov 15

Two are spoken for.

All the local galleries are full of artists that they were showing last year, my kickstarter to get full scale prints made did not get funded (really bad timing). I’ll eventually be releasing a small art book containing all of these, I hope. I had wanted to show them as a group but I do not think I’ll be able to do that. so,

here are the originals I’ll be selling. There will be a second post with purchase links on the day, and you’ll be able to message me to purchase as well. Full sized prints will eventually be available but I don’t have a date for that.

Paintings from Quarantine, a series, 2020

all are watercolor paintings. charging by size and scope…



updates 2019, October

I’ve been back at work for a little while now and I’m still on part time- Friday-Sunday. it’s working out well so far and I’m hoping to expand my hours again soon!


recently I’ve been: tattooing of course, making tokens and proxies for MTG games, a(yes! I’m selling these), doing some painting. waiting until we clear some space for me to start working on skull mounts again, that may be a while. not having room is a major factor there. I’ve been doing some writing for the site, it may be next week I can get the new updated Horror Movies For You list put up! Plus as always- tattoo advice and questions answered.


my partner had leukemia and it’s been a year of caregiving for me; so many people stepped forward to be there for us, and I’m so appreciative of that. it’s still a struggle (they’re in remission after a sct right now) but we are getting comfortable again. thank you everyone for waiting it out, offering support, and just listening.


here’s some recent works to look at, until I update again.





these are for sale! abug dual lands and token cards… email resonanteye@gmail. com and tell me what ya need

tattoos recently;








my few inktober things:




 personal things:




Protected: trunk items- ends at midnight PST

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