current events; condensed

A condensed post including short writings on current events.


open up? conspiracies? here’s the real one.


back at work!

I’ll be posting an update shortly, but for now- I’m at Mom’s on the weekends, taking walkins!


I’m in Friday and Saturday 2-8, Sunday 12-5. Call or just wander on in. I’ll be there!

IMG_20190816_174222 IMG_20190816_193452 IMG_20190810_203854 IMG_20190830_171405IMG_20190818_140534




the best art books at the archive (for tattooers)

The Internet Archive is one of the best things we’ve got.

decorative art


for thetrashpolka guys





anatomy of animals:


philosophy stuff:



pulp! collection


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things I’d like to do this year.

looking through the year’s work so far. for next year’s portfolio, I’d love to have:

a full sleeve of mums with soft background
at least one non-pine forest landscape
an angery shrew holding red nightshade berries
one completed abstract backpiece
rough lettering galore, like loose marker or ink
a witch with cauldron
at least one really grody, wicked harpy.

if these ideas appeal to you, get on it. I usually put together the year’s portfolio in February- I’d want to start the bigger pieces now. and finish them by then.  share with any interested parties, or hit to sign on.


also, some drawings I want to do as tattoos. these are ready to go when you are!


Been precoccupied, will be back to regular posting starting this week!

I’ve been traveling a bit for doctor visits, then had a fender bender.

I’m working on a new series of art, and should be back to regular posting, longform writing as well as images, this coming week!


IMG_20170419_205917_218  IMG_20170427_165935_972 IMG_20170425_134721_469 IMG_20170425_040511_804

the missing flash

even though it was all stolen, I have every original drawing from ALL of these sheets, ready to tattoo!






it’s almost Halloween!!!

here’s a photo update for tonight, I’ll have a news and info post coming up in the morning for you guys. xox

IMG_20161016_194528 IMG_20161013_205644 IMG_20161013_143638 IMG_20161013_125857 IMG_20161011_115539 IMG_20161010_103650 IMG_20161009_232726 IMG_20161009_171142 IMG_20161008_160533 IMG_20161007_155418 IMG_20161007_153628 IMG_20161006_192836 IMG_20161006_125705 IMG_20161001_160416 IMG_20161001_140541 IMG_20160929_183441

“the neighborhood”

small firework over rainier beach, seattle


high priestess, downtown eugene (so far)

High Priestess, Downtown Eugene, Oregon (so far):





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