I’m an official write-in candidate

I’m officially a write-in candidate for Spokane, district 6, representative 1.

I’m running against Volz. If you write my name in, it will count as a vote for me. Writing in any name that isn’t a registered write in candidate will not be counted, so I filled out the paperwork.

You must write “Anji Marth” in the space and fill out the bubble. I’m unaffiliated. I’m not a member of either major party.

I’m currently looking for other write in options for Washington state, if you know of any please let me know and I’ll add them here.

over the garden wall

the crickets get quiet when the beast walks

bloody, and rainbow in a jar

a really good day in tattooing.

storms/a bird in flight

on a favorite client; Stevie Nicks as the storm, bird, floral base. the rain and flowers will eventually fill the back and inside of her arm, making it a sleeve.

having an October

Halloween is my favorite month. I’ll be doing a walk in only day right before Halloween, I’ll post about it next week!

recent work;

October 22, back to regular posts this month!

Have updated some things here and will be back to regular posting! here’s some recent work.

everything old is new again

art that’s relatively prescient

Nov 08
creepy nightmare spider monkey skeleton

grolar bear, 2015

resources, info


I’m a tattoo artist professionally, and you can book time with me- by using this link to fill out a form.

you can find me at tumblr.com/resonanteye and at https://www.tiktok.com/@resonanteye

additional important resources:

reproductive rights-

large list of resources for abortion access




threeforfreedom.com/ (abortion medication even if you’re not pregnant now)

reducing and reusing and being cheap-


http://fallingfruit.org (foraging)

https://gobrik.com/ (reduce plastic waste)


suggestions to try-

good folk horror writing- https://www.amazon.com/Shannon-Barber/

excellent tea: https://drinkflyest.com/

excellent wild rice (mix into plain rice for extra pop)- https://nativeharvest.com/products/manoomin-wild-rice

places to figure out mutual aid and community-




https://psjbgc.org/ (John Brown gun club)

places for specific people to get help-


https://www.lls.org/support-resources (leukemia & lymphoma society support page)

(help me buy seeds or dirt- venmo, cashapp, paypal: resonanteye at every one of them. yes I will buy dirt and seeds with any money you send.)

and here are some photos too! just recent things from my day job. 

a tattoo that looks like an engraving of a non sexual Medusa reaching out her hand with an angry smile
a tattoo of a bright orange, large chrysanthemum on an elbow the person is wearing a matching hip sack, jeans, and a black shirt
a tattoo on a forearm in black lines of a stand of birch trees
community garden table! was a success.


works in spring ’22

i haven’t posted in a bit. waiting to update the site! but here are recent pieces, in the meantime.

recently! 2021

my books will be opening for early 2022 in mid-December. I’ll be looking to do: woodcut, woodcut with wash/color blocking, and more thick outline work.

here’s a few recent pieces finished!

color woodcut with block color
woodcut with wash
stained glass heavy outline
“vintage wallpaper” flowers
stained glass heavy outline (unfinished)
up for grabs
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