6 reasons to post your art online (even if you’re nervous)

shy owlI know, you’re shy! It’s ok, so am I.

Posting your art online can feel very exposing, much like a gallery show. Posting it to social media or other sites can feel scary; and a lot of the time the fear of negative response keeps people from presenting their work online. You don’t have to be afraid, though. Yes, you may get negative responses to your work. You may get criticisms, or even personal jabs at you. But there are benefits to posting online  that definitely outweigh the emotional turmoil these things can cause.


holiday cards of all kinds.


except in my house it’s solstice. hawkins has a huge box of ancient holiday cards, spanning from birthdays to halloween and every other holiday you can think of.

I’ve raided this pile to make my own holiday cards. most of the ones he has are pretty sappy, glurgey pictures of kittens laying on puppies and babies, twinkly reindeer and hearty santas with smiling children.

I can’t resist. I used a white matte paint marker, a calligraphy brush and ink, and a gel pen with glittery black ink to rework the cards, every last one of them.

I have never sent out cards before, it’s a new thing this year. I’m not sure why this year of all years but there you have it.

If you click through to read more, after the card pictures, there’s a pile of all the new stuff that I’ve been posting since last round of new-things-for-sale! I think anything you all order before the tenth is definitely going to get to you all on time, and I have a feeling that gifts you order up until the fifteenth have a good chance of making it as well. After that…well shit man, you need to buy presents early if you’re a present-buying person.

CAM03249CAM03243 CAM03251

new things after the jump.



Just in time to get them for xmas/hannukah/kwanzaa/solstice/new year’s etc etc…I finally got around to posting a set of t-shirts I had been working on for a while.

questions answered!

These are search terms people have used to find my site. Often, they’re phrased in the form of a question.

skeleton articulation for idiots???

You have to buy my book for that answer.

what do you call of the vice versa tattoo lettering?

Those are called Ambigrams.

what is scissoring

Scissoring is when two people (often two women) put their legs alternating, so that each has a thigh against the other person’s genitals, and then they use friction to get off. Also, what are you, twelve years old?

can i thin down golden gel medium with water


scenes of how the work of the women in the tattoo places allergies?

I don’t even.

tattoos over stretch marks  possible

Yes- with a caveat. The visual texture of the tattoo art has to match and camouflage the texture of the marks.

tattoos lettering drawings for beginners

I did a post about this a while back. It’s only the very very simplest basic how-to, but it might help you start. Here’s the link.

routines of creative people

20063091023341After devouring all the old posts at Daily Routines I decided that I should make record of my current daily work.

I suffer from insomnia, and have throughout my life. The hours in which I do these things slowly shift later and later, until the day begins at nightfall, This progresses until eventually, I once again wake up early in the morning. Right now I’m in the morning phase, in about three months I’ll be back around to the night time again. But the order in which I do everything stays the same, only the tattooing hours change, being sometimes early in my day and sometimes at the end of it. I do all but the tattooing every single day, I take no days off usually unless I am feeling under the weather in which case I shorten all my work hours and spend more time reading or watching movies. I do at least some little bit of creative work every day.


juice reviews three! rocketfuel, vaporchef, gremlin, and diy.

I got a pile of samples from rocketfuel last week, and left them to steep while I was gone camping out. I also have a handful of other flavors to taste tonight! YAY excitement! I’m using a plain ole 510 dripping atty on an ego twist at whatever setting tastes best. All juices are as close to 100% VG as I was able to get. They’re all at either 18 or 12mg nic content, too.

HORRIFYING UPDATE. I have now also spilled ALL of the ol’ river all over myself. That’s two bottles spilled, one of them my favorite of the bunch. GAWDAMMIT SHITWHORE.


more flavor thoughts, and summertime grilling.

kozmo's summertime

kozmo’s summertime

I’ve tried another batch of flavors, and have some thoughts on them. (for those of you looking for the starter kits/basic vaporizer setups, this place has the nicest cheap ones right now. I’ll post a different place if I find a better one.)

Newly added to the all-day vape category:

Honey fig tobacco from the Plume Room. This is luxurious, slightly sweet on the exhale, and rich. Along with Honey nut and Sweet cream, it’s in my pocket now when I leave the house.

Bread from Ecblend. It’s dry. It’s got the same nice crisp dryness as the Graham cracker flavor I like so much, but it also has…sourdough? Some sort of definite savory undertone. It’s very, very good- if you’re looking for something that’s unsweet, this will work.

Vanilla custard from Gremlin Juice. This is the best custard I’ve ever had. And it’s got the right vanilla in it- it’s not flowery at all or artificial-tasting. It’s a good, heavy dessert flavor.


Vapor, nicotine juices, flavor thoughts, and summertime is coming.

I'm the brownish one.

I’m the brownish one.

I have tried a ton of flavors now. I use a regular 510 atomizer for dripping when I taste new flavors.

I originally posted this list to another site via my profile there. figured some of you might like to see it.

Where I haven’t indicated otherwise, these are all 0 extra flavor shots, highest available VG content, and 24 mg nicotine content.

Things I have liked a TON:

  • MBV: sweet cream, high VG, 2 extra shots. I liked this right away, it’s a very simple flavor, and when steeped becomes solid but still simple. this is my in-between flavor, an all-day vape if I am not in the mood for anything complex.
  • Archvapor “special”: My first setup was a gift from a redditor ( /u/DangerousFat [+1][1] , thanks!!! again) and it came with a small bottle of this. It’s been on constant rotation ever since, for me. It replaced that strong tobacco craving I had at the start. I bought a huge bottle of it that I let steep and have used ever since.
  • ECblend carrot: Sounds odd, but it is sweet and crisp. After steeping a bit, it’s just like a glass of carrot juice. I mix this with home-made ginger VG extract, for extra oomph, but it’s good on its own. I like it on hot days.
  • Panda RY4: I am not a big fan of the other panda flavors I’ve tried, but this is just simple, sweet, and has enough bite to be good. I ran out fast.
  • The Vaporchef’s honey nut tobacco: this is another ADV. It is nutty, and jjjuuuust sweet enough. It’s better after a few days of waiting but I always start in on it right away. This is another one I got a big bottle of.
  • MBV graham cracker: Dry, and good. It is for when I am eating something sweet/drinking something sweet and don’t want a sugar overload. It’s very good as a vape with coffee, too. It’s got a really definite graham flavor. I got it with an extra flavor shot.
  • Vixen vapors: honeysuckle. Oh lawdy. I will need more of this. It’s not even steeped! No perfumey flavor, just straight sugary flower taste.


new stuff I’ve discovered in my vaporizing time.

  • Cigarettes don’t taste very good. I can’t finish one now.
  • Every single memory I have, besides really fuzzy small-child ones, are ones that involve smoking. I don’t think I’ve done anything in my whole life without a lit cigarette hanging out of my mouth. Until recently, every single moment was punctuated by a smoke.
  • I still roll down the car window to vape, just like I did when smoking- even though there’s no reason for it.
  • If you started out by buying blu stuff, you can use those cartomizers they sell at the gas station on an ego battery.
  • You can also refill those things with better quality nicotine juice if for some reason all your other gear stops working.
  • If you bought clearomizers and they stop working, you can take them apart and clean them…
  • You can also take them apart and completely destroy them and have to get new ones.
  • I like drip tips. I like chewing on something when I “smoke”. I used to clench and chomp on the filter of my cigarettes, too. Bitey. They make cheap plastic ones that make it easier to chew them to shreds, otherwise I’d have broken all my teeth off on the steel ones by now.
  • VCV is hip. They have the cheapest beginner set-up ever right now. No, they didn’t pay me to say that, but if they want to, I’ll take it. This is the basics you need, all the stuff I recommended in my past post about this stuff…for like 15 bucks. And their juices are delicious.
  • If you can’t taste your vaporizer juices, chew on an unused tampon and it will cure it.
  • Switching from smoking to vaping is easier than it sounds.
  • I still don’t smoke marijuana, but I like reading about people making stuff out of it.
GAH. and yes, that's one of those little flosser things for your teeth.

GAH. and yes, that’s one of those little flosser things for your teeth.

I fully destroyed half my gear today. I am definitely not now and have never been very mechanically-minded. I mean, I once tried lost wax and sand casting machine frames, and almost killed everyone in the workshop (don’t ask) and I have been known to fix a tattoo machine by throwing it against the wall, cursing it with vile imprecations. (It worked perfectly after that). I think moonbeams repair cell phones, and I firmly believe little gremlins in a plastic case are the reason my laptop functions.

trying out some new mechanical equipment and hating every minute of it.

trying out some new mechanical equipment and hating every minute of it.

I once tried to build a PC, too. Franenstein kind of works, but he lives in the basement and is not allowed to be fed electricity.

And I can’t wait until PVs are just as fiddle-free as all the other things I use regularly and have no clue about.

(My car is the exception to all this. A lifetime of poverty and strangeness has forced me to know how a car basically works and the life-sustaining things I must do to it. Not that I want to, or that I will if there’s a mechanic I can afford- but I know how. It wasn’t fun to get to this level of knowledge though, and I’d almost rather NOT understand why you shouldn’t take every sparkplug wire off an 8-cylinder van all at once to replace them.)

the baron.

the baron.

Sociopathic film characters, the master list.

I know- it’s been done. But I want to talk about a few characters I find really interesting.

There are spoilers in here. Get over it.

Most top-ten lists leave out the female characters (of which there are plenty), child characters, and characters that are more quietly menacing than flamboyant. Most sociopaths don’t want to be noticed (with the lone outlier of narcissists) and prefer to be taken for unassuming victims of circumstance. There are some of course, who commit desperate and crazed acts, but they’re less the majority than you might think.


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