juice reviews three! rocketfuel, vaporchef, gremlin, and diy.

I got a pile of samples from rocketfuel last week, and left them to steep while I was gone camping out. I also have a handful of other flavors to taste tonight! YAY excitement! I’m using a plain ole 510 dripping atty on an ego twist at whatever setting tastes best. All juices are as close to 100% VG as I was able to get. They’re all at either 18 or 12mg nic content, too.

HORRIFYING UPDATE. I have now also spilled ALL of the ol’ river all over myself. That’s two bottles spilled, one of them my favorite of the bunch. GAWDAMMIT SHITWHORE.


bee sweet: right away, it’s smoooooth. honey is definitely the strong flavor in this, then a bit of sugar, like…like sugar on the edge of a glass. I can just barely taste the fig, but not the pear…it says on the site both of these flavors are in there, but I get almost no fruit flavor in this. It’s very sweet but not TOO sweet. You can taste the flavor of honey and sugar, not just the sweetness of them, which is really nice.

download (1)the cat’s meow: I have to admit, I have my epi-pen ready. I’m allergic to coconut, but only some of the coconut flavorings give me hives/reaction. So because I loooooove the taste even though I’m allergic, I keep ordering coconut flavored vapes and having the benadryl and epipen at the ready.
That said…this shit is delicious. it’s totally a cookie. the kind of cookie that I am not supposed to eat because it is made of coconut. like…the nutty ones that come in the tin your grandma used to keep her button collection in, because she hated you and wanted you to think you were about to get a cookie. you know what I mean.

This shit is delicious. I’m not itchy and I’m not puffy so at least for me, the coconut flavoring in these is not an allergen, which is AWESOME. I can’t guarantee that’d be true for anyone else, though. No epipen tonight! I’m going to vape more of this before I move on to the next flavor.

*Two hours later*

I need to order a real bottle of this stuff. All I got was the sample bottles this time.

harley’s blend: the site describes it thusly,


“subtle hints of wild black walnut and comb honey for a well-rounded pipe tobacco flavor.”

I have to say that I love their aesthetic, too. Every label has awesome art on it, and you can kinda tell that they understand that the art of a label is important, that design is meaningful, and I’d be willing to bet they paid a good artist well to design all this. I like that, a lot.

I’m tasting the walnut, a bit. This kind of tastes like how the tobacco shop in the mall in my hometown used to smell- like a reassuring grandpa’s coat. It’s definitely got walnut, but the comb honey…it IS a bit sweet, not cloying, but barely there. The tobacco tastes good and clean in it. I might steep this one longer and re-review it again later. It’s good, definitely good. If you like less-sweet tobacco flavors this one would be great I think.

cuppa jolt: FUCK! very first thing I do? smell it, then DROP THE DAMN BOTTLE INTO MY JUICE CADDY. There’s only like, a few drops left unspilled. Shit. It smells good. Gimme a minute to clean up. I’ve kept vaping the harley’s blend during this endless wiping up, and I have to say it’s starting to grow on me, like a mustache. Maybe it doesn’t need any more steeping. I think I’m going to fill up a tank with it for tomorrow and see how it feels for a full day of vaping. I could use a new ADV to add to my growing list, and this is neutral enough to work.

What was I talking about? I have to go wash my hands.

Oh, cuppa jolt.

cuppa jolt: preface: I make my own DIY cold extract VG coffee flavoring. Then I make my own DIY juice out of that. I am a coffee asshole. I am a coffee snot. I like the catshit blend. I like cold extracts, I like percolators, and I like my coffee freshly tarred out of hell with a mound of sugar on top. All that said, this is a decent coffee flavor. I mean it is like a caramel latte, not coffee. Which, for vendor-made coffee juice, is a damn fine compliment, and that’s all I have to say bout that. I am pretty bummed that I spilled it, I’d have definitely used it all.

calamity jane: This tastes like a tobacco cookie. That isn’t a bad thing! it’s a bit light, a bit subtle, for my brutal mouth. I might pass this along to someone I know who loves the subtle and complex flavors. It really does taste like a tobacco cookie…actually it reminds me of a less gunky, less prune-juicey boba’s bounty (which I didn’t really like…yup, I gave away the bottle someone gave me to try.) I should also say that of everything I have tasted from them tonight, this one is making the thickest, heaviest fog-bank vapor so far.

DSC_0140ol’ river: this one’s description was the reason I ordered, it was the one I specifically picked out from their list to taste. basically, because they used the term “woodsy”, and I fucking love the woods. I wear only one scent, lumberjill…or oakmoss. I used to keep my firewood in the living room because I liked the smell. This should clue you in to how susceptible I am to the word “woodsy” used in any marketing materials.

IT SMELLS LIKE MY WOODPILE. Like, a good, sweet, fresh wood scent. Clean. Like cold air outside the cabin. If this tastes like it smells…

Oh man it does. Actually it tastes like…like I just ate pancakes with real maple syrup, then went outside to chop wood, and scratched my boots in the damp soil before working up a sweat. It is like that. This shit goes in a tank asap. I’ll probably be ordering more of this and the cats’ meow juice next time I have a juice budget…oh hell yea.

ok last one from rocketfuel...love potion no 9: the site says peach, fig and blueberry…I’m usually not a fruity flavor fan (with a few exceptions) so I am dubious of this one.  here goes nothing. It smells like cheap wine, but the taste, is…well, it’s fruity. VERY fruity. I think the peach tastes good, more like fresh than like a “peach flavoring”, which is nice. I think it’s definitely too fruity for me though.

Gremlinjuice! I have a couple things from them that I didn’t get to write about last time. I love these guys. They’re super friendly, very helpful, generous to a fault, and always goofy. Plus the stuff is fabulous.

Waffles (with strawberry): This is dead-on. It tastes like good, freshly-made waffles right off the iron, and the strawberry flavor is totally like a real berry puree syrup. Just perfect. I vaped this all week out camping, all day and all night. I ran through almost a whole 10ml bottle in the week (alternating, when I could bring myself to, with other stuff). I think I might displace their berry overload from my ADV rotation to make room for this one.

SAMOAN DREAMS: Omg. Again, with my epipen ready just in case. Real-life samoans ( the girl scout cookies ) are deadly shit for me. I can’t have them. I once ate almost a whole box of them and nearly died. But this juice hasn’t caused any kind of reaction and it tastes exactly right, just like the cookies, all melty and chewy and delicious and totally deadly for me. SO GLAD I can vape this without having a reaction, I’d have cried.

Cinnful pear: Not really to my taste. I don’t know if it’s cinnamon, or pear flavors, but everything I have that’s got one or the other in it often tastes kind of like dry dirt to me. If you like pear, and you like a little spice, you’ll like it, but it’s not my kind of flavor combination. I have a rough time with most fruits anyway though.

Vapor Chef:

I got some Pb Nomnoms and ended up ordering a whole nother bottle of it. It’s peanut butter cookies, and it’s great. It doesn’t seem to gunk up coils either like the other peanut butter flavors I’ve tried. I’ve been mixing it into my pb&j to beef up the PB portion of it.

I’m going through a lot of it, actually.

DSC_0258MY PB&J is up on the ecblend site! And it already is at least one other person’s ADV.


fig: I did a flavor extract with VG and dried figs, for about three weeks. Then filtered. I needed to use about 60% flavor to 40% nic base to get the flavor to come through as much as I wanted, but it’s really fucking good. tastes like actual figs, not sugary fake fig flavor. It doesn’t make much vapor compared to my ginger DIY juice, but I think it’s because I used a new brand of VG that isn’t as great. I’ll be going back to the old brand next time.

cucumber: thinly sliced cucumbers in VG for three weeks. I had to filter a ton. But it is worth it! completely accurate and fresh flavor. refreshing and simple in the hot afternoons so far too.

I have a few more diy brewing, and I have a few more flavors steeping. probably two more weeks until I get around to writing about those, and I have NO funds now or for the foreseeable future so reviews may be sparse for quite a while (unless you all go buy my shit! GO BUY MY SHIT, DO IT!)

Til next time…headrush signing out.