Vapor, nicotine juices, flavor thoughts, and summertime is coming.

I'm the brownish one.

I’m the brownish one.

I have tried a ton of flavors now. I use a regular 510 atomizer for dripping when I taste new flavors.

I originally posted this list to another site via my profile there. figured some of you might like to see it.

Where I haven’t indicated otherwise, these are all 0 extra flavor shots, highest available VG content, and 24 mg nicotine content.

Things I have liked a TON:

  • MBV: sweet cream, high VG, 2 extra shots. I liked this right away, it’s a very simple flavor, and when steeped becomes solid but still simple. this is my in-between flavor, an all-day vape if I am not in the mood for anything complex.
  • Archvapor “special”: My first setup was a gift from a redditor ( /u/DangerousFat [+1][1] , thanks!!! again) and it came with a small bottle of this. It’s been on constant rotation ever since, for me. It replaced that strong tobacco craving I had at the start. I bought a huge bottle of it that I let steep and have used ever since.
  • ECblend carrot: Sounds odd, but it is sweet and crisp. After steeping a bit, it’s just like a glass of carrot juice. I mix this with home-made ginger VG extract, for extra oomph, but it’s good on its own. I like it on hot days.
  • Panda RY4: I am not a big fan of the other panda flavors I’ve tried, but this is just simple, sweet, and has enough bite to be good. I ran out fast.
  • The Vaporchef’s honey nut tobacco: this is another ADV. It is nutty, and jjjuuuust sweet enough. It’s better after a few days of waiting but I always start in on it right away. This is another one I got a big bottle of.
  • MBV graham cracker: Dry, and good. It is for when I am eating something sweet/drinking something sweet and don’t want a sugar overload. It’s very good as a vape with coffee, too. It’s got a really definite graham flavor. I got it with an extra flavor shot.
  • Vixen vapors: honeysuckle. Oh lawdy. I will need more of this. It’s not even steeped! No perfumey flavor, just straight sugary flower taste.

Things I have liked:

  • Ecblend’s build your own, 50%banana, 30%honey, 20%black pepper. I call it “fried plantain” and that is exactly what it tastes like. I can’t vape it all day but when I want banana it works really well. Doesn’t have the cloying candy chemical flavor other bananas have had.
  • MBV teaberry: EXACTLY like the gum. I ordered it without flavor shots, I feel if I’d ordered it with extra it might be an ADV for me.
  • archvapor “country fair”: Tastes exactly like a caramel apple. Like, exactly. I like this one a lot, but fruit flavors aren’t my favorite. It’s a backup flavor for me, one I enjoy.
  • Vaporchef’s Apple bourbon tobacco: very good, very sort of crunchy apple flavor. Again- fruit flavors aren’t my favorite, so it’s just a backup bottle.
  • Indigo five bucks: I like it, but it has…a smell of crack to it. Crack pipe. It hasn’t steeped very long though, so I may change my mind in a week once that dissipates. It’s got a good kick to it so I have high hopes.
  • MBV Sticky bun: it’s delicious, but has gotten a slight undertone of..anise? or something, as it’s aged. I like it but it’s a second choice.
  • MBV Candy bar: same, no undertone of anything weird though. it’s very very sweet.
  • MBV pumpkin spice: I think this just needs to steep more. It tastes like pumpkin pie, with no crust. I might have to order pie crust flavor to add to it.
  • Vapealcious gooey butter cake: again, really damn good and tastes just like it sounds. But very sweet, almost too sweet. it steeped well and tastes great mixed half and half with that sweet cream juice.

Things I don’t like

  • TVC coolcumber melon, MBV candy cane, any other menthol or minty flavor I’ve tried so far. I have never liked mint or menthol much.
  • TVC honey pearry. I know, blasphemy right? It’s just too high on the fruit note for me.
  • Any brand of peach, lemon, or tea flavors, so far. Including every tea from MBV and their farmer’s market.
  • Panda vanilla: WAY too chemical-flavored.


I have had success with getting decent flavor from doing a cold extraction in VG with fresh ginger root, fresh sliced cucumbers, fresh mint, fresh basil,  a variety of mixed garden herbs, chai teabags, and dried nutmeg. I’m currently trying, hot pepper, paprika, lemon balm, and a few other things in cold extractions.

I use these after mixing the VG extract half-and-half with 24mg unflavored nic level juice at 80%VG 20%PG. I got a big bottle of that from MBV a while back and have only used a third of it.

I’ve tried more flavors than these but can’t remember or think of them right now…lol this is long enough anyway.