more flavor thoughts, and summertime grilling.

kozmo's summertime

kozmo’s summertime

I’ve tried another batch of flavors, and have some thoughts on them. (for those of you looking for the starter kits/basic vaporizer setups, this place has the nicest cheap ones right now. I’ll post a different place if I find a better one.)

Newly added to the all-day vape category:

Honey fig tobacco from the Plume Room. This is luxurious, slightly sweet on the exhale, and rich. Along with Honey nut and Sweet cream, it’s in my pocket now when I leave the house.

Bread from Ecblend. It’s dry. It’s got the same nice crisp dryness as the Graham cracker flavor I like so much, but it also has…sourdough? Some sort of definite savory undertone. It’s very, very good- if you’re looking for something that’s unsweet, this will work.

Vanilla custard from Gremlin Juice. This is the best custard I’ve ever had. And it’s got the right vanilla in it- it’s not flowery at all or artificial-tasting. It’s a good, heavy dessert flavor.

Really, really damn good:

Fluffy cake from The Vapor Chef. It tastes like cake. JUST like cake. Goes really well with a cup of coffee.


Cucumber from Ecblend. I used this outside while I was weeding the garden. It’s another non-sweet flavor. It does taste just like a fresh cucumber, and I think it’d go really well with lemonade, afternoon hammock lounging.

KV13 from Julia’s Juice. I ordered a bigger bottle of this and he also sent along a smaller sample of their Aged Vanilla. This was a really good premium juice, but didn’t cost very much. It’s a vanilla flavor, I think I will end up using this in the mornings with my wake-up coffee, as it’s mellow enough not to be overpowering.

Eggnog from Mt. Baker Vapor. Tastes like eggnog, exactly. I had to let it steep for a week, though, because at first the nutmeg was very very overwhelming.

Berry Overload from Gremlin Juice. This is the first fruit flavor I’ve loved. I LOVE IT. It tastes juicy. I think it’s basically every kind of berry in one bottle, the only flavor I can make out as a top note is the blueberry. I mixed this with a bit of the vanilla custard and it was heaven.

RY4 from Avid Vaper. This is kind of…maple heavy, but still good. It almost has a bit of licorice in it too- it’s the only thing about it I don’t much like. It hasn’t steeped yet though, so it may get smoother after a little time passes.

Not my favorites:

Honeysuckle from Ecblend. Gah. Just…perfume, all over the place. Really chemical taste to it, too. It’s steeping now but I don’t have high hopes.

Butter beer from the Vapor Chef. Really, really sickly sweet. It has so much caramel going on that I can’t really take it. I kind of get queasy from the sweetness of this one.

Pear and Honey from Gremlinjuice. It’s good, it’s not terrible, but I’m not a fan of pear flavors I think.

Special mixes/DIY:

PBJ: One part berry overload from Gremlinjuice, two parts PB nomnom from Vaporchef, one part bread from Ecblend. This is currently the only thing I’m actively trying to hold back from using up completely, because it’s so FUCKING GOOD that if I didn’t stop myself it’d all be gone.

Vanilla Custard with graham cracker: made custom by Gremlinjuice. I love graham cracker juice. And I love this vanilla custard. And the two together? As soon as my graham cracker clearo is run out, I’ll be mixing these two in it to fill up.

“indifig”: half five bucks from indigo, half honey fig tobacco from plume room. I mixed these by mistake but surprisingly, they’re delicious together. The fig gets rid of the “crack” flavor of the 5bucks, and the 5bucks makes the fig harsher, enough to  feel less like a luxury.

Dill pickle: home-made dill extract and home-made cucumber extract, 100% VG. I like this, but I bet other people would hate it. I vape it right after lunch if I had a sandwich. It tastes like a barrel pickle (I used fresh dill and fresh cucumber to make a VG extraction for this.)

Poppyseed muffin: poppyseed VG extract and yellow cake from Mt Baker. It tastes like a good poppyseed muffin.


I grilled today. I made salmon (soak it in grapefruit juice and chili oil for like an hour before you grill it) and a steak (soak that in lemon juice, rice vinegar, and bbq sauce before you grill it) and corn…I made from a brined recipe someone gave me recently. I also like to put thick sweet potato slices on the grill, and bag up a sweet onion in foil and toss that on at the start too…

I didn’t make them this time, but I plan to make my bacon-wrapped lemon pork roast kebabs next time…and maybe some of the taters I grew.

Last little note, please go buy my art and shit. I am a bit blocked at the moment, so the more stuff I sell and clear out, the more mindspace I have for new creations…

<<<Or if you hate art but want to chip in on my next grocery trip, buy me a cup of coffee to your left…