weird ways people have found this site, and their quick questions.

2008, work gear.

2008, work gear.

It’s time for the yearly list of weird searches that have brought people here, and questions that I can answer in a few words.
I can see search terms that people have used to find my site so every year I trawl through them and find the ones that make me giggle- or the ones that are simple questions I can answer. This year was a good year for this.

nodsu’s gnomes

I bought a naked gnome from her a while back- and then a pair of vultures.

Now, I have ordered the pinnacle of all naked gnomedom- the gnometse. Yes, like goatse. But – a gnome.

He also has a friend.

Nodsu is brilliant, and her creatures are fabulous. You should go check out her stuff, and also remember she makes just about any weird thing you can imagine.

Oh yeah I should also mention I’m running a BNR treasury on etsy today- or helping to run one. come see that here and say hello. It’s a new game to me but the more eyes we get on it the better!

queen of the joke tattoo

I swear I’ve become the specialist in this kind of thing.

louie's mustache

louie's mustache


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