queen of the joke tattoo

I swear I’ve become the specialist in this kind of thing.

louie's mustache

louie's mustache

Between pigs in dresses polishing turds, “finger deep” “half pint” and “slug bait”…mustaches on pubic mounds and fingertips…and a hundred other goofy things, I’ve turned into the go-to girl for strange, funny, weird, and ridiculous nono tattoos.

And I love every minute of it. When people ask me “what’s your favorite thing to do?” I know they really want me to say “birds” or “tribal” or something. But what I reply is “I like anything that makes me laugh my ass off.” If it happens to be tribal or old school or a bird or a lettering…doesn’t matter one bit. As long as it’s funny, I’m excited.

Louie is leaving us to go to south america. He’s been here nearly as long as I have, the shop I mean. Right after we found the location and started cleaning it up, geo hired him. He helped us build the place, helped me lay concrete for the fence posts, painted, sanded, did all the early work right along side me. He has been a fixture (sometimes a broken one) since the very beginning. And even though Louie and I have had disagreements from time to time, I am really going to miss him.

I gave him his mustaches as a going away present last night, at the end of his last day at work. I hope he has fun with his new friends, the spider monkeys in the jungle, and the heat down there.