New animal art prints, graphic shirts, snuggly critter pillows, and Harvest Feasts.

I will be online for a bit tomorrow, but will spend most of the day with food.
I’ve been adding a bunch of new prints, shirts, and things with my art on them. If you don’t see something you’d like in a particular format, please let me know either in a comment or by email ! (resonanteye at gmail dot com) I’m still ill, and trying to keep up with commissioned works; I can’t take any new paint commissions right now. So far I know I don’t have anything wrong with my liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, or heart! It’s pretty delightful to find out I don’t have all these serious illnesses. Now if they could tell me what it IS, I’d be glad.

Tomorrow I’m making turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes in molasses candy syrup, green bean casserole…I’m cooking for harvest feast, and even though I’ve been ill I plan to eat some. Damn the torpedos, and all that.

Here are some of the newer things I’ve been listing; enjoy, and I hope you have good friends or family to spend the day with tomorrow.

turkey, thanksgiving, harvest feast, tshirt, awesome, thanksneon pink flamingo painting shirthold fast old school tattoo artpibbles, pitbull, pit bull shirt

red rose tattoo art card nondenominationalsolitudelandscape painting in oregon

birds flying freedom bird tattoo shirtloyalty dog shirt, newfoundlandsheep consume ironic shirt
simple butterfly tattoo shirtnice tits bird shirtgrey anatomical heart shirt

shirts and prints of tattoo art and fine art paintings

octopus coffee mug orangemixtape clutch bold
orange goldlfish tattoo pillow
pet rat animal art pillow
large canvas print of rose tattoo flash
blacksnake tattoo flash scarf

elephant pillowicy blue winter barn owl pillow

floral watercolor original

original floral paintings available here.


just out of the oven.

CAM02745[1]I’m baking all the clay I have been working on, today. And I am finishing up an e-pipe from some of it.

I’ve also put up a slew of new prints, too. And a few downloadables. I’ll have a handful more next week, too, I think.

I’ve been working on making some ivory-look clay, I think I want to try to make a pipe that looks like ivory. I’m carving out another skull too. I think I may start messing with shapes, since the clay can be any shape at all I can make an epipe look like anything really.

Messing with some iridescent power pigments too.

I am also thinking of making a few drip tips- long crazy ones, not churchwarden style but long like that, maybe a twisty one. If I seal the mouthpiece part (or use a tiny bit of silicon to cover it) it will be safe to put in your mouth, at that end.

This is today’s project. I started sanding and carving the Meat Pipe too but I don’t have process photos ready yet.

Here’s some of the new prints and downloads in the meantime.

flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (7) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (6) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (5) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (4) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (3) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (2) flat,140x140,075,t.u1 (1) flat,140x140,075,t.u1il_170x135.498528713_37av il_170x135.439961484_lf3s il_170x135.490900072_eo2y il_170x135.496864927_qfl4 il_170x135.496814182_bs30

on drawing flash

I am assuming you are a tattoo artist in writing this. If you’re not, it’s not going to help you much anyway.

Most tattooers draw some flash, at least once, somewhere along the line. It’s common to start trying to draw flash when you realize that you’ve accumulated a big pile of sketches that you haven’t tattooed yet, thinking, “I could make a flash set, or a sketchbook, out of all this stuff.”

This is a trap.


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