about travel

I’ve worked a lot of conventions, and guest spots, and traveled for work in general. To all my past, present, and future boyfriends, girlfriends, houseboys, significant others, and just plain others:

I go to work.

That’s right. Guest spots are fun. Travel is a great time. Conventions? A big party. But I’m working. I work there. I’m not going to just “hang out” or “party time” or anything like that. I’m promoting myself, my shop, my work. I’m selling prints (sometimes with your help!) I’m tattooing. I’m entering contests. I’m working, the whole time. The afterparty? Just a way for me to find out how to re-attach a tube vise.

I know it seems glamorous from the perspective of new people, friends, and places. From the outside it sure looks like I’m just enjoying a perk of the job. But I’m not- it IS the job.

If I don’t bring you to a show it’s not necessarily because I want to get laid. It’s not because I want you to have no fun. Usually, it’s because I can’t have you standing in the booth all day, hanging out. I’m working. There’s no room there. Unless it’s a town in which there’s tons to do and that you will be doing besides the convention, you’re in the way most of the time. You’re not going to work the booth, are you? talk to everyone that walks by? go get me a coffee while I draw for the next guy? rub my shoulders when they hurt? No?

Then what are you doing at my work? You’re not working. For you it IS just the big party. I don’t usually mind you going along but there are things I need to do that are harder with you there- talk shop, for one. Fit two clients and their friends into a 10×10 space. Work and network without being interrupted or asked questions. NOT ARGUE while I am trying to network with my colleagues.

So if I’ve ever brought you to a show it’s because I wanted to hang out with you in that city and was hoping I’d have enough free time to do it. Or because you were already in the industry and knew what was up.

If I didn’t bring you it’s not because I didn’t want to hang out with you- it’s because I can’t hang out while I’m working, simple as that.

All this said, I’ll be at the redding CA convention next weekend, so if you’re in the area and want some work done, drop me a line!