Redding Ink

This weekend I will be working at the Redding Ink convention, in Redding, CA, with the womantattooartistforum and with HPP.

It should be a blast, if you are in CA and want some work done come on out and see me there, and be aware I will smell quite strongly of in-n-out burger the whole weekend.

also, link of the day:

this guy is sometimes annoying as shit and equally stupid, but then there are other days when I love his stuff. I’m on board with this:
So, at a time when I’m supporting Obama and the democratic party… man, I just really wish that 90% of Liberals weren’t such fucking morons. I can’t vote for McCain: I can’t support the right-wing, because anti-abortionists and anti-gay-marriage fuckers and chickenhawk fags who wanna keep our kids in Iraq – those fuckers are WORSE than liberal retards. Liberal retards MAY be more annoying – I guess they probably *are* more annoying – but they’re also way less evil.
and being the ancient, no-longer-crusty-homeless-grew-up-poor punker I am, I also adore his disdain for trustys, posers, and the middle-class “revolutionaries”.
but like I said, he can be a real dick sometimes too. So this is a half-hearted endorsement, sort of like his half-hearted endorsement of obama. (who I also will have to vote for, seeing as I don’t believe in religion ruling the nation or young pregnant girls being stoned in public, or like that.)
just to let you know, I found his blog through the more consistently-wonderful site, jezebel.