Are great. I’ve seen them a few times now and everytime I like them even more. They’re so good I endanger my hearing each time by taking a seat on one amp and facing into another, blissfully becoming even more deaf than I am, rocking away to the heat of the raging metal.

I’ve been re-arranging my house a little, which explains why I won’t be posting up here probably until monday or tuesday night. So here are a few things to keep you all occupied until then

Shige. He does the most amazing asian-theme tattoo work. I love his stuff, and he seems to be a very nice guy too. Go check him out.

Cakes? I looked at this blog for about two hours today. Cake-writing is a lot like tattoo script- a lot can go wrong very fast, if you’re not careful, and you don’t bother to double-check. Hilarious.

Something about some chick who I will NOT be voting for. Damn anti- people. For some reason it galls me even more when women are on the wrong side.

AAAAND something for those of you who don’t believe I’m everywhere. (go on, do a username search anywhere for “resonanteye”. If you can’t find me somewhere please let me know. I’ll go sign up.)

Back to deciding where to put the computer desk. I’ll report back on monday night or tuesday, with some pictures from work and some art stuff as a sort of sneak peek for the opening I’ve got coming up.