tribal tattoos kill my suspension of disbelief in movie villians

some big projects in the works.

I start classes next week, because I want to finish my degree finally. That should be good. I’m still confused by the paperwork and stuff, but I’m sure it will all get sorted out.

I started the book. Four chapters done now- and all my ilusrations/sketches are assembled and ready. So I’m a third of the way done.

I’m a bit broke. I paid off some medical bills and now I have no money! Also I had the flu that’s been going around; all week I was sick; so I had no chance to catch up. I really, really need to get health insurance. It’s a serious drain not to have it and very hard to not be able to ust go to the doctor or dentist when I need to. I guess that will be my next step, once my credit is fixed and the degree is got.

And yes, I’m up incredibly early for me. My sleep schedule shifts all the time- by a few hours at a time over the course of weeks. Usually I am up all niht but in between that and normal sleep there’s this phase where I am up extremely early for a week or so. that’s where it’s at right now.

I just watched 30 days of night- last night- I liked it. Nice, but I have to point out that I’m getting kind of tired of bad guys having badly-placed tribal tattoos on their shaved heads. As soon as I saw that I was no longer afraid of the monsters. Nice going, jackass director- make all the bad guys look like people I know, sort of, and all the “good guys” look like the kind of jerks that took my parking space.
I know it’s a shorthand for “weird” but it just doesn’t work for me.