on a personal note

The doctor said I am pretty much ok. I have to keep doing cardio stuff and I am prescribed to nap for at least twenty minutes each day. At least to lie down and rest. Other than that all is well, I am doing fine, the heart is pumping better and I’m not about to keel over.

I passed out when they drew blood, as always. Had to go in at 9 am. Ugh.

Then I was so ehausted…I lay around for the early afternoon…then fell asleep around 3 or 4 pm. I slept until 6 am today and then had to get up, couldn’t sleep any more. My sleep schedule is totally messed up now, no saving it. I read for a while, then got up, did my running/walking thing, fed the animals, cleaned the tanks, played with the dog, smoked, ordered some pony express, did all my class work for the week, and had some coffee.

Now I’m thinking a bath and then a nap may be in order, since I work tonight at 6. If I hadn’t been so wiped out yesterday that would be fine, but now my second-shift preference is bad, because I was up so early.

It’s hard to have an unusual sleep schedule, people just don’t understand.