fall plans, discount for prints and shirts, and saying hello to lurkers

Discount code for all the prints and shirts:

rose tattoo flashDiscount on everything this week at my redbubbleshop!

yay for a sale at redbubble!

ALL the prints and shirts and things get the discount! Only for I think this week!

ALSO, running low on the signed copies of the Horrors coloring book. Better get one soon if you want a signed copy. http://resonanteye.net/2014/08/22/the-horrors-orders/ they can be got through squareup, paypal, or etsy.


travel plans, where to get tattooed by me the coming months:

some street artI will be at High Priestess – Roseburg september 10-14, and then in seattle september 20-27. I plan to work at our High Priestess – Salem shop in mid october, and again in seattle at the end of october. Arizona is early november, when the cold begins up here! then seattle again right after that, up until near-thanksgiving time. I will possibly try to make east coast for the holidays, but it will depend on my funds- if I can afford plane tickets for two people and two dogs to get there, or two people and a REALLY good dog sitter who knows our pups well. I have a shop to guest at there- the fabulous 717 tattoo!

If you’d like make damn sure my arizona trip and my east coast trip to happen, you should begin emailing me or contacting me about either getting tattooed while I am there, or donating massively to my travel funds, volunteering for a few weeks of solo dogsitting in spokane…or just buying the shit out of my original art. I want to go see all you guys, but as always, I am not a rich woman and travel is always touch and go when there’s no money saved for it.


Lurker love and encouragement to say hello:

dog bed

Also, a reminder!
I love lurkers. Lurk away freely, creep around and enjoy. Don’t be shy to say hello or anything if you feel like it, I am very social online and like to hear from everybody.
I post things so they’ll get shared. Feel free to share anything I post. I write and make things for people to read and look at; sharing my things is good for me, its like more crowds showing up at an art show or something. I like meeting new artists and I really like meeting new art fans.

I’m interested in you guys, so don’t feel like it would be weird for you to just say hi and introduce yourself or share things or comment. That’s what I’m online to do! To get to know all the people, even a little bit, and to see all the awesome things you do, and hope you like the things I do.

XOX for luna