The Haunted Soda Machine of Seattle

So, there’s a haunted, paranormal, mystery soda machine here.

I decided to investigate with my crack team of researchers.

CAM01055 CAM01060

We had no problem approaching the machine. It immediately accepted our modern dollar, and it wasn’t until we received our soda that we felt any strange vibrations.

CAM01062 CAM01065

The soda itself seemed mystical, surprisingly cold and fresh. (root beer). The quarter we were given in change also had some strong energy surrounding it, which caused Field Assistant Michelle some odd sensations when she pocketed it.


Before drinking the paranormal liquid, I brought it to my friend and colleague, Medium Psychic Tavia. As soon as she touched the can, spirits rushed in to her mind and began to speak to her. She was inert and unresponsive until I took the soda back from her.

CAM01068  CAM01069

I decided it was time to taste the spirit world’s sugar juice. It was quite fizzy, effervescent with the souls of the long departed. I was not seriously affected though, as I am by nature a skeptic and therefore somewhat immune to the effects of paranormal entities.


My Native American Shaman consultant, however, was seriously altered by the spirit of the drink. He began to chant and sway uncontrollably, eventually collapsing in a heap on the floor. We let him finish the can (he likes root beer.)