tattoo meetings

tattoo meetingscorporate politicsYes, it’s a professional thing. We have different meetings, though, than say an office would. We tend to have meat, drinks, poker, music, and loud talk at ours, along with cigars (courtesy of the well-organized splat) and beer (usually erok).

Our last meeting was great. We talked about deposits, paperwork, conventions, being organized. We played dice until splat started to win. The workers had a kick with some masks wigs and hats (my collection) and at some point the snwo started so the meeting was moved to the street, in order to make some snow angels.

If you haven’t worked in the industry you just can’t understand how wonderful business meetings really are. I think that other trades ould benefit from making their meetings enjoyable- imagine if you got called to the exec’s conference room at 9 am for a meeting, and there was always pizza, cake, and a zombie movie, and you could kick your feet up on the table and goof around with your coworkers. your morale would be high (like ours is) I think!

The people I work with now are the best crew ever. You really have to love your co-workers in tattooing. A bad crew makes everything difficult. If you can find ways to all get along and work shoulder-to-shoulder, suddenly work is a pleasure. Everything is easier. If you hire people you should leave it up to the people working for you to pick them. Make sure everyone will get along and work well together…man I sound like a commie but, in my experience, it’s the only way to get a group of nomadic eccentrics to act like one unti and work really damn hard.