process photos, owl and quince.

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shy night owl signed, sealed and…

shy owlshy owl…sealed, signed and now being delivered!

Original is sold,  limited run of prints, (small prints only, limited run) No digital downloads available.

The original is about 9×12″, done in watercolor, ink and pencil.

On vellum-surfaced arches hotpress 150lb (ish) paper. It’s heavy, satiny paper.

It’s sealed with a UV protectant matte sealer, and all materials are acid-free and archival, lightfast pigments. The prints are via redbubble, they make decent quality prints, and there are cards too at that link. The digital download is a good size, you could print from it at just below the size of the original.

I’m a night person. I’m a night owl. And I spend a lot of time looking at the moon and stars.

So it was fun to paint this little guy.


barn owl tattoobarn owl tattooI made a barn owl tonight. It was really, really fun. I love owls.

This took a few hours, not too long. Lots of white, pale violet, strong browns, black.

I love using a natural palette like this especially when I can throw a bit of bright behind it. It’s kind of backwards, usually the brighter colors pop forward but once in a while there’s an opprtunity to defy the laws of color theory and use the subtle hues and the foreground.I had a great time doing this tattoo…

My road trip continues tomorrow, when I get to go stalk the wild and mighty javelinas with my camera. After that a few more tattoos on the fine folks here in AZ, and then it’s off to see my sweet gentleman friend up in Seattle.

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