where to find my work and me


here! resonanteye.net

https://tiktok.com/resonanteye (mostly garden videos)


rarely active:


https://patreon.com/resonanteye (art not tattoos posted here first, I don’t make anything from it at the moment)

inactive/reposts only:




I’m backing away from most social media as a primary posting location, it’s a process, but my work and essays and events will be announced here and on Patreon going forward. reposts from the site will go to sm after a brief pause.

I’ll be maintaining groups, friendships and portfolios at all sites but am in the process of removing content and migrating it here.

love you guys. thanks for still being around!


Are great. I’ve seen them a few times now and everytime I like them even more. They’re so good I endanger my hearing each time by taking a seat on one amp and facing into another, blissfully becoming even more deaf than I am, rocking away to the heat of the raging metal.

I’ve been re-arranging my house a little, which explains why I won’t be posting up here probably until monday or tuesday night. So here are a few things to keep you all occupied until then


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