excerpt from chapter seven (?), The Ningen

smallningenNingen are the only cryptid in Antarctica. They’re pale, white like the ice in the ocean where they live. They hve finned hands, and no other facial features than eyes and mouths. Some claim they have legs, others that they have a whale-like tail.
They’re usually seen at night, from a boat. There are almost no photographs of them, and very few reports of sightings. However for the area in which they live, there are few people and fewer still looking into the waves.
The first sightings were during the 1990s, as more people were working in the antarctic. They’re massive creatures, between 60 and 90 feet long. Most claim they have hands, like human hands, with five fingers.
No ningen has yet been captured, dead or alive.

Ninjas and editors all up in my monsters!

smallbansheeI have chosen to go with, both because of their excellent and helpful customer service, and also because of the quality of the samples they sent me. I colored all over that shit, even used watercolor- and the paper can take it! it may buckle if you soak a large area, but it’ll soak it up, and hold up to water media, marker, and pencil as well as crayon. So you guys can color however the hell you like!

I’m rolling along with finishing the inking of the artwork, should have more pictures for you guys on friday I think- and the text is all but finished now. I’ll be sending that to my favorite editor, – she’s a gigantic horror fan, mostly of Poe and the older guys- so she will know how to keep the creep, but toss the dross.

The printer has been paid- and I have enough left for all the shipping to the backers. I feel that I am ahead so far, financially. I had one of the larger backers cancel payment due to an emergency of their own, so I came out short of my goal even though the total went well above it. I’m hoping to have enough left after shipping, to pay for promotion as well- but we’ll see how it goes.

You can pre-order here, to get this super-dope first edition. There will only be one run in this quality, and I am ordering a short print run of it, so if you want the nice version you should probably get one before they run out. People who backed my kickstarter will get some additional awesomeness (signed and doodled-in books, extra prints) but ordering via paypal just gets you the book, plain and simple.

The Horrors!

coloring book, horrorThe Horrors is a frightening collection of cryptids, monsters, and ghosts from around the world, drawn in crisp black ink, ready for you to color! I started collecting ideas for creatures to draw about a year ago, and thanks to a large group of people who enjoy the paranormal and the weird, I had a long list of possible monsters to whittle down!  After finishing ten of the sketches in pen and ink, I decided to expand the horror art into a book. For each of the 30 nightmares, there is a short story explaining their origins and history.

I may be a strong skeptic, but there is something I love about these monsters. Anything horrifying, that goes bump in the night, intrigues me and makes me happy.

There are no franchised TV or movie monsters in this book; only myth, folklore, ghosts, and cryptids that exist outside the universe of fiction.

Check it out, sponsor me and if you can’t sponsor, share the link! People who back the project get the book, colored versions of the art, and more!

Here’s the link to the project:

And here are a few of the illustrations included in the book (there are thirty.)

I’ll post a full list of the monsters for backers on the ks site as we get closer to print!


a little sasquatch time.

sasquatch tattoosasquatch painting, cryptid artA tattoo I did quite some time ago, and a painting I’m working on right now.

Living here by the Siuslaw, it feels like sasquatch is always nearby.

The grey hour before complete dark is sasquatch hour, and the misty hour after that is owl time.

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