How you can help me. and other medical nonsense!

If you follow my site or know me personally, you know I have been through some medical hell the past ten months or so.

TMI after the break.

Tonight I was reading a post on another site about people “wasting” their donation money on funny things or stuff they just liked, rather than donating to a homeless shelter or animal shelter, and one of the responses was

“like yeah when i see posts about people in need linking to their paypals, ill donate five or ten dollars because they deserve it! when i see things i think are funny, ill donate because it amuses me!

someone in a tag said shit like ‘if u have money to spare and you donate to a potato salad u deserve to lose ur bank account’ which is just so fucking harsh like

just because someone gives a bit of spare money to the potato salad guy for a joke doesnt mean theyre not donating some of their other money!!!!” via ectobling

I replied…

“ I have no potato salad but anyone who’d like to help me pay my medical debt from my shitty pancreas, feel free to click here and use up some of your play money.

If I get enough to pay it all off (about two grand) I’ll draw a coloring book pages/lineart webcomic about my experience in horrificdoctordiarrhealand.”

I’ve got about two grand in medical bills from last year, before my coverage kicked in. I am being hounded by the hospital for the money (which I do not have) and can’t even make payments on any kind of schedule, since my work is so unpredictable in timing. I’ve decided that I’m going to illustrate my medical struggles and adventures, in exchange for donations. If you’d like to see what I’ve been going through in sketch/line drawing form, feel free to kick in a few bucks at this link (paypal donation link). I’ve already had someone donate, so I started off easy- here’s a sketch of the inside of my colon, and some choice words from the gastroenterologist who put the camera up one end and down the other.


You’ve paid more for less, I guarantee it. I will go into gory poop detail…and will answer any questions about everything as well. Enjoy!