how to save money if you are already a tightwad


I already use coupons, don’t pay for haircuts, have sold my car. I rent. I don’t have cable (anymore…just internet). I don’t own any big fat consumer-whore stuff that I could sell on craigslist. I buy used clothes. books, use the library. I don’t rent movies, even…or music…I get it on internets or I go through netflix.

List of ideas after the jump

How can I save money? I have no credit card debt. I have no loans. I don’t even have a 401k or health insurance.

No kids, no big bills.

I guess I could:

  • Turn off the heat while I am at work..and while I’m home
  • only eat rice, beans, and grains
  • sell blood…or organs
  • not buy anything…anything at all
  • move from my crappy slumlord duplex to a shack on a vacant lot
  • just move into a cardboard box already
  • learn home dentistry
  • eat the dog

I’m not really doing that badly, I’m not broke. Low expenses means I don’t get so scared when times are tough. I feel bad for some of my friends though who are living in places where the economy is getting bad, and who have kids mortgages expenses out the ass. It reinforces my choices in life when things like this happen. I’m glad I’ve never had a stock portfolio. Glad I don’t have a worthless 401k. Glad my bank is local and tiny. Glad I saved money under the mattress all these years. Glad I have no kids, mortgage, car payments, loans.

I’m doing ok. Hope you are too.