about stray dogs

this is not the dog that got hit, but it's a dog I knew

So while I was in AZ a stray dog got hit. we stopped, and it was all these hispanic dudes in a car parts junkyard with like five stray dogs roaming around…I say stray because they were running in and out of traffic and shit, and the guys acted like the dog getting hit was no big deal (it got hit HARD). In retrospect they were pretty drunk, leaning on the broken cars, coronas in hand, the old guy seemed to be the one in charge of all the dogs. He just kept patting the dog and saying “is no problem, see, he ok!”

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I called animal control down there on friday when I got home, and told them about the dog getting hit and that there were dirty sick dogs running loose and that the guy might not be taking it to a vet.

I was really upset.

I called and left another message today asking if they’d call me back and let me know what happened to the doggy.

I was pretty damn upset about it even after I left AZ. It’s stuck with me. I keep thinking about that poor dog…I mean it was limpy. It looked sad. Poor guy. I hope they call me back…and if anyone reading this works animal control in phoenix, get out to 19th and tonto and find out if that dog is ok! and call and let me know what happened.