Eugene/ written in May 2008

For all the little things about this town that make it less-than-perfect, (patchouli smells, for one, hahah) I have to say that I have found that I love it here.

I work for decent people, who have been involved in body mod for decades. Guys who have good high standards. They’re not perfect- nobody is. But they are good people, and they try damn hard, and they care a hell of a lot about both us artists there and what we do, and what they do, for the clients.

I remember some places I’ve worked where the owners were just dicks…or they had it in for the artists…or they didn’t trust us or each other. Places that sucked, that sucked the life out of the artwork. I’m glad I am where I am. I try to do things so that all tattoo artists can be in a good place like this.

Man, if tattoo artists could organize, everyone could have it this good. I’m lucky- well, I’ve put a lot into this place, so it’s partly that, but it’s luck, too. I know what working in a shitty headshop can be like, or working for someone who doesn’t care how good the tattoos are, just wanting money…that sucks shit! I wish everyone had a situation like mine, I wish everyone worked for people who cared.

It’s a good feeling. I’ve had a crappy year, no doubt. I’ve been sick a hundred times, tired out, taking medicine, etc etc etc…being sick burns you out like you wouldn’t believe. But the guys I work for and the guys I work with keep me motivated, and when I go into work I’m so glad to be there.

I wish everyone had it so good.

On top of who and where I work for, the town itself is full of clients with great ideas. They may run late, but so do I- and they don’t mind either way. It’s a hippie town- potheads tend to be late. I don’t smoke it anymore but I don’t mind the smell.

And people here get awesome tattoos! Like even the little things that come in are usually kinda cool! It’s good, really good.

My rent is pretty cheap. I have a garden. I have really good friends. I like that I can walk everywhere- I live right by work, it’s great. Yeah it rains constantly but- fuck it! the summers are nice, lots of great clean little places to swim, rock climbing…

I work for friends. I hang out with good people. Everyone brings me soup when I am sick. My dog has doggie buddies. Most of all I can afford this place. I can take it a little easy and still have some money. and that is a very very nice change of pace.

I don’t like some things about eugene, (patchouli, yeah…the bad shitty anti-apprentice pro-school laws that fuck up the indusrty///and also, the fact that my favorite video store closed! oh noes!)

but I’m happy here.