vietnam wall in progress/detail

bi winning tattoo

tiger blood winning tattoo

Honestly, if you’re an incredibly rich and talented weirdo, why the fuck SHOULD you fight being manic? Hell, ride it as far as you can.

There are millions of people who have to work normal jobs or take care of kids or whathaveya, that are vicariously living through Charlie Sheen. Yeah, he’s probably bipolar. So? I mean…

Stability is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But if you don’t actually HAVE TO be stable to survive, then why the fuck would you turn down mania or hypomania? Those mental states are rich in inspiration and productive as fuck.

If he has to eventually deal with a crash-he has the resources to do it.

If he loses his job- he can do other work. So…fuck yeah Mr. Sheen. Ride it out.


Dear movie makers:

I don’t want to watch any actor- let alone a shitty one-on-one emote for sixty three minutes. That’s not a movie.

Blair witch sucked.

I don’t want to watch someone hiding in a closet, a static shot of the back of someone’s head, a poorly lit cellphone or dashcam shot,  or any other single image FOR AN ENTIRE MOVIE.


The movie? Your plot? Is what is happening OUTSIDE the closet, copcar, or tent. We came yo watch SHIT HAPPEN. The radio era of drama has been over for at least fifty years- LET IT DIE. you’re FILM MAKERS.



The movie watching public.

(In reference to “infection (invasion)”, 2005…as seen on Netflix instant play. IMDB tt0472465 “starring” Jenny dare Paulin.)



Marylin was kinda upset but only I think because she didn’t realize that they post not only ugly or “bad” work, but also joke tattoos and silly ones, that are well done. I understand that not knowing what the site was like she would be pretty upset. But I love that site so…

Any rate here’s the tattoo that caused the flak.

At any rate, this is my own photo of the tattoo. It came out great and makes me really happy. Marylin is an awesome person, and the tattoo made us both giggle a ton. So it didn’t bother me to see it posted there. Go check out their site, too. Except for the fact that they don’t even TRY to find the source for the better-quality tattoos and credit the artists (COME ON GUYS) it’s a great site. And the truly ugly tattoos that do get posted are hilarious too.

art opening

Had a great time at the Unfine Art’s 8th anniversary.

I had a piece hanging in the show—

I enjoyed Honey Vizer’s reading of the manifesto to Shawn’s awesome sax madness—

The Ninkasi and some of the food was delicious—

And I even had an attractive date to bring with me, who was willing to help re-build a bucky ball, and discuss the PNW-china connection with some strangers.

All in all a successful evening.


A brief tangent about eggs.

I just have to insert, at this date, a brief rant about eggs.

If you have never eaten fresh eggs from a chicken that you have personally met, I would highly recommend that you immediately scrap all your plans for the bar and go try to make the acquaintance of a local chicken or two instead.

Fresh eggs from a chicken that eats as well as people do … these eggs taste nothing like the watery yellow beans you can buy from the store. FROM ANY STORE. Even the hippy co-op vegan-fed freerange cagefree ones cannot compare to the deep orange deliciousness of a fresh egg straight from a good friend’s cloaca.



I have two or three or four friends who keep chickens. All of them feed them like people, like pets. They talk to them, the chickens roam around and get into mischief, and have names.

I’ve met some of these chickens. And when the eggs start at the beginning of spring I am very glad to have met them.

I mean, grocer’s eggs are yellow. The yolks are watery and yellow. These are orange, like an orange. thick. viscous. Standing up in the sea of frothy whites. They’re little miracles. Now, in the winter they make less eggs. So I buy the ones from the hippy store (cagefree veganfed etc etc) and they are like eating water compared to the fresh eggs my friends poop out. I feel the lack of them the way I feel the want of sunshine.


I’m not much of a cook (you could have guessed) but even I can make delicious breakfast with these things. My god you could just pour them from the shell onto a piece of bread and it’d be like gourmet food.

I had a tummyache all day, and a few of these were the only thing I could keep down. They’re medicine in a shell.

My chicken friends, thanks. I’m ever so grateful.


DSC_0441I miss my grandfather.

A lot.

He was a WWII vet. He was a hard worker. He was a great guy. I loved him very much.

That is all.

dear gay friends

from t-shirt hell's website

from t-shirt hell's website

Dear gay friends,

You know, I’ve been proposed to three times in my life. Twice it was very bad timing, or not someone I wanted to marry. The third time I … I just don’t think I was ready for it. But at any rate now, in retrospect, even if the timing had been perfect and the love of my life had been asking, I should have said no anyway, because you guys can’t get hitched yet either, and I don’t think that’s fair.

Personally I am not big on the idea of marriage (although I’m not opposed to it) and I really don’t think anyone should be in the military to begin with- but I also think that there is no reason that some people should be prevented from doing what others freely can.

In short, I’m on your team, for the duration.


some things you can do

  1. take your old blankets and towels and any pet toys or things to the local no-kill shelter. If you have time, volunteer to walk the dogs, or play with the cats.
  2. take all your canned food that you didn’t eat or use down to food for lane county. especially if it’s good stuff.
  3. take all your books that you’ve already read, to the local literacy center. in eugene there’s one downtown that teaches people to read.
  4. take your old clothes, wash em, and give them to goodwill.
  5. volunteer to go to a nursing home and visit people who don’t have relatives that visit. You can offer to record memoirs (often single people without kids have led very interesting lives)
  6. let someone who looks more tired than you have your seat.

casflagbg Everyone can do something. Seriously.

I don’t have a lot of time but I do what I can, and my politics have nothing to do with it.

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