Zerk’s Ther Stergern.

DSC_0247I drew this sturgeon yesterday, and got to tattoo it on my friend and colleague Zach. I tattooed him years ago- on his 18th birthday (or thereabouts) I did a gigantic chest piece on him all in one session. I knew then he’d end up in my tribe, and I was right. Today, years later, he’s not only a heavy tattoo collector but a skilled piercer as well.

After we finished the sturgeon, I filled in a tiny space right on his elbow knob with an old-school eyeball- simple as hell and funny. He’s got a whole arm full of traditional american patchwork, and adding my own little bit to that was awesome.

It was a fun time, that’s for damn sure.

I also spent some time drawing and working on the Bee Queen painting. I put a temporary tattoo on Whitney, and I took a few other photos around the shop…including a furious sausage tattoo I did a few years ago on Curby.




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