working together with friends

collaborative backpiece Jazzy’s backpiece, finally complete. This was a collaboration done by me and Splat.


The angler fish at the base are a bit washed out in this image. But you can get a good idea of the overall scope of the piece.

Collaboration is enjoyable like no other way of working. It’s motiavting to have someone to hang out with while working. It’s great to be able to ask someone what shade of brown they think you should use (even if you don’t follow their advice!) It’s great to have another set of eyes right there, and you can play off the other artist’s strengths and weaknesses, which makes each piece much better I think, in the end.

I am glad I work with people with whom collaborating is fun and challenging and helpful. Teamwork at the shop is such a valuable thing, maybe the best thing about a place.

Being helpful friends to co-artists is a good feeling.