Where my art truly lives.


With you! It’s only a shadow of itself until it gets to you, and you put it where it belongs- in your home, on your skin. Then it’s alive.

These are images sent to me by clients and buyers of my work, of my art in their space, in their world.

1012022_697694660275915_927277128_nWhen I think of all the people who have bought my work, or who I have tattooed over the years, I start wondering how they are doing. I also wonder if they still appreciate and enjoy the work I did for them, if it still has a place in their life. Recently I asked for clients to send me images of work I had done for them, and these are some of the responses to that question.

I’ve included images from people I tattooed up to 16-17 years ago, art I sold over twenty years ago, and recent things people have bought or gotten done.
If I’ve tattooed YOU, or you own some of my art, post a picture of yourself! Or of your wall where you hung it. Comments are open!