My kickstarter has been fully funded. Hooray! There is still one full day left, so I’ve decided that for every fifty dollars the total goes up now, I will add an extra creature to the book. Basically, everything over the goal is what I am actually going to get paid to do all this! Woo hoo!

You can read the update, and see the list and some sketches, here:

or check out this image. If I go a few hundred over…the last creature in the book will be a VERY ANGRY UNICORN.
So if you want the book, or the prints, there’s still one full day to go back the project. Or if you just want that angry unicorn to appear in print.

Thank you, EVERYONE who has backed me, shared the project with friends, and helped. I’m starting in on the relining tonight, and will be doing some scans as well. I’ll keep everyone updated there at the ks page, so check back there for updates!