the flu haze

a bad wild pony
a wild pony that is covered with burrs and has never been ridden is a bad bet. you will clean it up, you will spend years treating it with love and brushing its tangly hair, convincing it that you mean well, and

then one day a rustler will come and steal it, once it’s tame and pretty, and never realize how much work it took to shine it up and how many carrots it ate…

fucking ponies.

you can’t blame the rustlers, they have no code, they just steal ponies because it’s easier than making a wild one all nice and pretty… much better to just steal someone else’s trained pony. there is no honor among thieves, it’s a lie, thieves are exciting people but in the end they are vile- but that’s their nature. They used to lynch horse thieves for good reason

ponies are terrible, they have no loyalty. they eat out of your hand but when it comes down to it all they want is to ride off with rustlers into some post-old-west fantasy land…and be in pony shows wearing a pretty saddle…have little children climb all over them, and ride in circles forever and ever

ponies know that they are loved, they know that they are worth stealing, they are aware and they are able to fake it…and pretend they don’t know it long enough to get some more sugar lumps and sympathy

when I was a young girl I loved ponies with all my heart, but not any more

Ponies are real, they exist, you can find them at any petting zoo. they are a dime a hundred and they all are the same

I should just find a unicorn in the woods and run around(muddy, covered in ticks) with it…unicorns can’t be stolen, they’re too mean, they don’t need to be shined up because they’re too wild already

They eat ponies for breakfast, they kill lizards with their magic, and they are never willing to wear a saddle, no matter how pretty it is

Unicorns are just dreams but it’s a nice thought

a mean unicorn

it’s amazing the weird things you think of when you’re hopped up on nyquil and excedrin. I’m in a dreamstate almost, thinking about ponies. Off to eat the sleepy pill, the antibiotic, and some more nyquil now…and dream of horsies