the black dog

I can hear his footsteps approaching. he will get closer until August, the worst month for me- then recede.

the black dog  will follow your scent with no pause. I have outrun him many times, used the proper talismans and pills to stave him off-but once you’ve been marked by him, he’s persistent and indefatigable.

my current work is staving him off, my next works may also help. but I know he’s there, and eventually I’ll have to do exhausting battle with him again.

if you have depression, use anything you can to keep the black dog from your door. those of us who know him well will understand. reach out to those who know his shadow in the path, and never feel it’s too much to ask- you would help others, just as others will help you.

those of us who know are all in this battle together. I’ve fought the black dog since I was a child and I know many of you have too. if you can find someone else who has been depressed, talk to them as soon as you know it’s coming on. it will help. you won’t be a burden.

(image not actually the real black dog)(just a derp hound not sure about the snow)