northern arizona roadside


Painted from sketches and color swatches made on-site, this is a view I saw in Northern AZ on a recent road trip. It was late in the day, and I was on my way into serious storm country. I stopped on a frontage road to check my GPS and decided to stay for a bit and draw.

Painting is oil on panel, 36×12″, in wooden, gilded frame it is 39×16″. Ships boxed in frame, no glass.
No prints are available for this piece.


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IMG_20151228_092329 IMG_20151228_092334 IMG_20151228_092358 artist holding large painting


  1. Resonanteye Anji Marth


    • Lenny Grey

      Those are fabulous clouds.

    • Resonanteye Anji Marth

      I love clouds. I guess you can tell haha

    • Resonanteye Anji Marth

      It was a big serious scary storm I was driving into, too. Lightning all over the road. Awe inspiring even from that distance. I think I decided to stop and draw just to put off going through it.

    • Lenny Grey

      If I see any nice clouds I’ll remember to tag you in a photo then. These clouds and the sunset ones just give me the *feels* of being there.

    • Resonanteye Anji Marth

      thanks Lenny! yeah I look at the sky all the time, images and real life. that’d be awesome

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