lora is thinking about it

lora is thinking about it

Edit: side note, this pic of lora was featured on modblog, one of my favorite places to read about awesome weirdness. go check em out.

Just a little humor for people who like this kind of thing~

in the search results from the last week, things people were searching for that brought them here to my page, were included:

  • “chicken fucking”
  • “too young to wear holdups”
  • “craig driscoll”+”tattoo”+”jerk” (I actually like craig driscoll, so this one kind of made me sad)
  • “I like holidays”
  • “short person essays” (HEY! I resemble that remark!)
  • “finger mustache tattoo photos on guys”

Also, I did a cute little facial tattoo on a  client this week. And finished lovely Lora’s back! So it was a good week for me. I also had a very pleasant visit from a gentleman friend, and saw a hawk, perched on the wires, right by my house. More pictures after the jump.