migrating to square!

il_570xN.437343921_g7bjso squareup finally has internet shopping available.


This weekend is going to be a lot of work, but you guys are going to like the end result.

you can watch the progress here, if you like. 

So far, the logic dictates that prints and shirts come from redbubble, originals go through square, and my digital downloads and a few weird things will stay at etsy.

I will be rebuilding some things here, too, I’ll make a post letting you know how to use and find the new stuff probably on monday or tuesday.

Update at noon PST: I am getting there. The current progress is at this page, http://resonanteye.net/buyit/everything-in-one-place/ and I’ll be separating things out into categories and organizing once I get everything up and listed properly.


Update this morning: I’ve been building some categories; and doing some writing. tattoo stuff, ladies, totem animals, and the serial killers and portraits…so far. got about that many more to go, plus a ton of scanning to do too. I also have some new pictures of commissions to post later, stuff that’s already finished and shipped- as well as a post about vaping. Busy weekend~!