open dates: tattoo time available in may, eugene and seattle.

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I’ll be tattooing at high priestess in Eugene, May 3-9. If you want time with me in Oregon, let me know soon.
I will be back at the end of June/beginning of July. I’ll possibly be in Vegas the first few days of May.

To book time in Oregon, use this form. (Vegas too)
I’ll be in Seattle the second week of May. To book time with me, contact the shop at 206-329-8274.
To see some of my work, look here! xox

High Priestess downtown days!

I get so homesick. It’s been a great few days so far and there’s a few more on the way though!

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Seminar at Portland Tattoo Expo, sunday Oct 11!

EPSON MFP imageI’ll be teaching a seminar at the PDX expo in October!

Click through here for more info and to sign up. Bring notepad, pen/pencil, phone or tablet, and questions when you show up for the class. Counts for two hours of continuing education!

Leveraging Social Media to Sell Art Online, for Tattooers

Learn to use social media properly — without compromising your copyright. We’ll cover print-on-demand services, pros and cons of social media use, networking as a strategy to find collectors, consolidating your media management, and getting more reach with your work online.

This class relates to the sale of secondary mediums beyond tattooing, and will go over the relationship between your existing client base and the collectors who will buy your work on paper rather than skin.

tattoo dates!

I’ll be in Seattle from April 24-30, tattooing at laughing buddha. contact me by email to make a date!

I’ll be in Salem Oregon from may 3-7, I only have one or two slots open still, so reach me fast of you want to get tattooed while I am there!

resonanteye @ gmail . com


autumn birdsong.

bird with autumn leaves tattoobird tattoo with oak leaveshe’s got a white berry in his beak. This took about three or four hours, total. we did it all in one session because she is a tough cookie!

I had originally drawn this as a bird flying down, with loose leaves in the wind around it. she wanted to make the branch more prominent and loved the oak leaves in that drawing- and wanted the bird perched. This was the second round of drawings.

I really like using subdued colors right next to bright ones, like the yellow on the bird’s head among all the greys and browns in this piece.

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more bird art from me is available here.

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