Jellyfish mermaid complete.

EPSON MFP imageFinished this lady a while back- she’s on display at laughing buddha in seattle right now, and is for sale. (email me to make an offer on the original)

I put up a few prints over on the redbubble.


She’s meant to have a deep-sea shark’s tail, and is surrounded by jellyfish. I’ve been sketching mermaids for a while, and this is the most pleasant one of the few I did around that time. I think I may paint out and finish some of the darker, creepier ones- the ones with the deepsea fishes’ eyes, and the tentacles, and the fangs. It might be time.
Here is a full image of this fine mermaid, to tide you over. She’s 11×15″.


skinny women are evil, fat women are lazy. (or, SEA CREATURES UNITE!)

I don't care if you're skinny and covered in shag rug. I love you anyway.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff addressing the lack of larger or fat women in advertising, as symbols of beauty. It’s good in a way to see more of this, because the focus on one body type in media can be really disturbing. The implications that anyone bigger than the models is sick, lazy, or unhealthy; that fat women are all ugly, these aren’t right and need changing. I really think it’s good to raise awareness about body image, and to show women of all different sizes as beautiful and feminine.

That said, I also find it disturbing that many of these essays portray thin women as “anorexic” “unreal” and “nonexistent”. Look, I do know that the use of photoshop and the like has made images of impossible women pretty damn common. And yes, a lot of celebrities have eating disorders. But this isn’t always the case. By portraying thin women as unhealthy, sick, or unreal, you are continuing body shame. You are doing the exact same thing to other women that media has done to you, and it’s just as rotten.You’re continuing the cycle of abuse. Yes, you. You were hurt, so now, you’ll hurt others. For shame?



this was very fun to draw. swirly and all…limited palette too, which was interesting.

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