Alien Dad, and a lotus tattoo.

My friend Melissa came in today to get tattooed. We did a memorial piece for her Dad, who died recently, and was apparently an AWESOME guy, because he LOVED Aliens.

She sat like a champ- we joked and talked the whole time.

This is the cameo-alien-dad-memorial.

(I know her from an amazing website called regretsy, in case you were wondering. She’s one of my internet friends! This was the first tattoo I have done on my friends from that site, but I plan to work on a shitload of these guys on my trip!)


We talked a lot about movies too- she told me to watch a movie whose name I forget, but it was because we were talking about the movie “Parents” with Randy Quaid.

geiger tattoo horror movieAlso I am amassing a VHS tape bin for her- since she likes crappy horror movies as much as I do (and I want my collection to go to someone who will love it, since I am clearing space and paring back my things)






Then, right after that, I worked on my other friend Dottie, doing a Mom memorial tattoo. A tiny bit more classic, this one- a lotus with some swirls and text. The swirls are open and fade at the edges so that we can do more connecting flowers on her arm later.

She knew she wanted a floral piece, so we sat and talked about what flowers she likes, and then I asked her what her favorite colors are…blue, purple, and orange!

I need to get better photos of this. She had dry summer skin (Like I do!) and so it was still shiny in this photo.

SUPER fun, also!

ms.vader, and a zombie tattoo

lady darth vader tattoozombie tattoowhat I did at work today!

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