I’m posting a piece from scratch sketch to finished study for a tattoo.
I’m working on this art for a friend who lives quite far away; I probably won’t get to tattoo her, but wanted to make sure she was able to get some of my work anyway.

Calling magpie, marigolds, and roses.


I had the chance to do a purple tulip today.

I LOVE these flowers. So much. She had a few stretch marks- she has been losing weight.  Right now, in this picture, the tattoo is fresh and so they appear raised a bit, but when it heals they will be barely noticable. Stretch marks are easy to cover with tattoos, as long as the tattoo subject itself has some texture- like a flower, a branch. Something with varying contrast and color.

She sat like a champ, and her friend (one of my regulars) brought me some chocolate-marshmallow-peanut fudge stuff which is AMAZING. After this I did a smaller piece on a good friend.

What a great day.

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