some things I have been reading recently (links and such)

shark tattooI was reading this, about horrible dating site profiles, which is hilarious.

And found this article about how men who have stay-at-home wives are more likely to be sexist in teh workplace.

Spending my paint-drying time on regretsy, of course. I love the forums there.

I went on a reading spree over at skepchick, and also found this site with some amazing photos.

I found out this shop used some of the drilled stones I sell to make awesome minimalist jewelry, and I started following this blog against body-shaming.

I’m doing a lot of paint-and-wait right now- also, I am in the process of trying to quit smoking, so my ability to respond to messages or remember what the hell I’m supposed to be doing, is kind of jacked right now.

If you have something on the way from me, or I am working on something for you, bear with me through  this week of dooooom, ok? Thanks.