some new, and some old.

Spent the day scanning things, drawing. And relisted a few things on etsy. And then planted out the garden, the rest of it.

I got a few images of healed tattoo work I’ve done from some clients I love very much. Here’s a few of those…

954787_613947878628848_2081906495_n 283952_614059095284393_899181258_n182294_613489595341343_794634147_n549127_529632070422556_386112436_n (1)


Here’s a few of the things for sale (originals)…I’ll have some new stuff coming too later this week!

il_170x135.437348906_sukgil_170x135.437356395_tn0s  il_170x135.437337390_3xz1il_170x135.437320994_sbx2