flower art by commission!

colored pencil, 7x9". flowers

I do lots of flowers, in mixed media- and I do commissions. My turnaround time right now is ten business days. I accept a limited number of commissions at any time, so get in soon! Email me your commission request to resonanteye at gmail dot com, listing:

  • size of art you want
  • species of plant or flower
  • predominant or favorite color
  • any additional costs or choices, see below

I will add up cost, set my deadline, and email you an invoice with all details attached, including date of completion, estimated shipping date, and options for rush shipping if you need them. Prices include shipping within the US, I will invoice for international shipping cost.

(Originally  Published on: Oct 17, 2011 @ 2:25)

Base prices:

5×7″ 20$ 8×10″ 50$
10×13″ $75
12×16″ 100$
14×17″ 125$
16×20″ 160$
18×24″ $200
22×36″ $250

add $20 for the following add-ons:

  • print exclusivity- no prints will ever be made of the commissioned piece, you will own the only physical copy; any digital images of them will be posted at a size too small for printing and used solely by me, as promotion for my other work.
  • swirly backdrop or leaves and branches
  • any text or banner up to ten letters added to art

ADD $50 for the following options:

  • oil painting on canvas or oil paper/board instead of mixed media on paper
  • rush production, within next five business days
  • total exclusivity/secret commission-no digital copy published or posted anywhere, online or off.
  • birds perched on or in flowers, or carrying them (you choose the bird)
  • substitute autumn leaves or mushroom, or plant species instead of flower
  • flowers in antique jar or mason jar (you choose shape of jar)
  • framed in matching frame with felt backing/glass if frame requires it
  • additional flower species, up to three total

Add 75$ for:

  • snake or insect added to piece
  • banner with text,  up to twenty letters
  • name or word up to eight letters “hidden” in foliage

Prices include shipping. All work is signed and dated by the artist and comes with two mini prints of your painting, in case you want to send as a card to a friend.

flower tattoofloral watercolor original

floral tattoopurple lotus art

simple red rose, tattoo art

lotus work in progress

hawk, roses, bees, tattoooriginal watercolor painting on handmade papersimple red rose, tattoo artgiant rose http://www.redbubble.com/people/resonanteye/collections/191442-tattoo-flashmating snakes original artrose swirls rosesfor sale at high priestessEPSON MFP imagewpid-CAM01987.jpg wpid-CAM01863.jpg wpid-CAM00680-1.jpg CAM00525