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I’m a tattoo artist professionally, and you can book time with me- by using this link to fill out a form.

you can find me at and at

additional important resources:

reproductive rights-

large list of resources for abortion access (abortion medication even if you’re not pregnant now)

reducing and reusing and being cheap- (foraging) (reduce plastic waste)


suggestions to try-

good folk horror writing-

excellent tea:

excellent wild rice (mix into plain rice for extra pop)-

places to figure out mutual aid and community- (John Brown gun club)

places for specific people to get help- (leukemia & lymphoma society support page)

(help me buy seeds or dirt- venmo, cashapp, paypal: resonanteye at every one of them. yes I will buy dirt and seeds with any money you send.)

and here are some photos too! just recent things from my day job. 

a tattoo that looks like an engraving of a non sexual Medusa reaching out her hand with an angry smile
a tattoo of a bright orange, large chrysanthemum on an elbow the person is wearing a matching hip sack, jeans, and a black shirt
a tattoo on a forearm in black lines of a stand of birch trees
community garden table! was a success.