Red tattoos and flash photography

the red bullred bull/frontThe red bull, from the movie The Last Unicorn.

Maybe it’s when I was born, my age. I was 9 when this movie hit the theaters. I was just the right age to be obsessed with horses, unicorns, and other ridable creatures. This movie, Dark Crystal, Legend, Labrynth. They all informed my childhood and warped my adult sensibilities.

Consider the story in this movie. A unicorn, the last one on land. She’s alone, magical, lives alone and pleased with her life in the forest. She does her magic and the forest survives, she has this very important work to do. Then, she starts to realize she’s alone. So she hunts for other unicorns but they’re all gone. She is turned into a human, and a prince falls in love with her. A giant red bull tries to chase her into the ocean.

Instead of the prince killing the bull and saving her and them getting married and all that typical shit, instead… SHE kills the bull, turns back into her REAL self, and goes off back to her WORK and lives her life free from entanglements, and happy that she’s no longer the only unicorn left around.

I like this storyline much better. So anyway it’s one of my favorite movies, still. And getting to do a sleeve based on it is already so much fun, even just after one sitting. I can’t wait for the next section!