on self-sufficiency during the end times, and other nonsense like that.

If all you have is a gun, you’re not independent.

The fact that people aren’t voluntarily supporting you, does not mean you’re not still relying on others to support you.

I think knowing how to use, and having access to, a gun is a good thing in general; but in the zombie apocalypse/collapse of capitalism/mayan end times some people seem to be worrying about, a gun alone will be no help.

You need to be able to provide for yourself, without being a parasite- to a willing OR unwilling host.

Also, I know there is a huge fetishistic subculture of bugging out. Keep in mind that people live in the places you plan to run to when … what is it you guys say- the shit hits the fan. People are already there. And you, an unprepared stranger are not going to be welcomed with open arms. (attempting to survive on the contents of a backpack, walking miles a day, without having done that before= UNPREPARED) (having to bug out from someplace where you cannot live without the crutch of the current world holding you up=UNPREPARED)

Just what I’ve been thinking about this morning. After reading an article about emergency supplies, in which all the comments were pretty much “as long as I have a gun I can get everything else, and be independent”. Because theft represents independence, of course. (/sarcasm)