New rose tattoo and spinster shirts!

sppI have been ill, so I haven’t been the usual powerhouse of prolificity (is that a word?). Instead, I have been nursing my belly, and resting. I had a good solstice and as I write this, tomorrow is xmas eve.

The days before solstice I finished up a commission (which I’ll be posting soon) of a magpie with some roses, which was incredibly fun. I did it for a friend of mine, a supporter. She’s rad. I also did some sketches of seasonal hare paintings, which will be my main project in early January. And the rest of the time? When I felt well enough, I got caught up with making shirt designs.

A few people have asked me, so I thought I’d make sure you knew, you can order these in any size, any color- a few are even in kid’s sizes too. Just look to the right on the listing page, and use the little chart and dropdown to choose. Under each image there, you can see options like kid’s sizes, hoodies, or shirt style as well.

Here are the shirts I’ve been working on from my own art…

I did a few roses, pale and a bit more bold:

I also did three darker-themed tattoo flash-based shirts.

I also put up a vaping shirt…her neck tattoo says “vapor”…and a TKO lady boxer shirt. AND a happy spinster shirt. Which I love.

I made one shirt from a photograph I took.

And I made a few graphics-based shirts for these guys:

When I post things to my own profile there, it’s all art I drew, from scratch, pencil to paper. My own work begining to end. But when I make work for my friends at the graphics paage, like these last few here, I work from a large bank of images they’ve purchased the rights to use, and the font library they have in it. So these last batch are not my own from beginning to end- I’m just building with someone else’s blocks.

But it’s still fun. And I still like them.

Hope you’ve all had a really good, safe time, and stay safe and warm through to new year’s. xox