New year!

imageAs of January first, I’m taking no more commissions for specific art. all the things i make will still be for sale, i just won’t be working to order for a while.

I’ve come to realize that only rarely do I feel good doing commissioned work, i usually under price it and end up working nearly free… and since these last two projects I’ve got lined up are so fun and not shitty like that, i want to end on a high note.

Again- I’ll still be making things, and those things will be for sale.

At the end of january. I’ll be busy finishing off my kickstarter- the horror coloring book project ends then, and I’ll be either sending them out, or crying because they didn’t get enough backers! If you haven’t checked the project out yet, please do! And if you want the book, back it so it gets printed! And -please share the link, whether or not you can pitch in. The more eyes see it the better- there are only 25 days left for it to raise enough to go to press. (and unless some miracles happen soon, it won’t get funded. It’s only a fifth of the way there.)

After that, I’ve got some travel to do- a visit to Seattle, and to Oregon, to tattoo.

So I think my time for commissions is going to be limited anyway. I’ll possibly take commissions again at a later time, but I can’t say when.