luck dragons, fishies, and red glass beads.

Here’s a tattoo photo or two from the other day, by the way. Aquarium piece- we did the clownfish at a convention nearly eight years ago. This is on the fellow who makes Glasswear Jewelry, my friend Ryan. They aren’t the greatest photos, as my camera is in the shop. Thought you might like them anyway! and check out his stuff…he has a new site up for people in southern oregon too, to find stuff to do or add events- you can find it here.

You can get tattooed by me by emailing me… resonanteye at gmail dot com. I’ll be here til friday then in seattle next week.

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Here’s a new set of plugs/wooden weights I’m working on. They’ll go up on the etsy soon. Two of the pairs I made sold so I need to make a few more to list! I can make custom sets as well, if you want something similar but don’t see quite the right length or gauge.



10509739_10152461921012712_3947108011293665351_nAnd here is a dog who lives where I am staying while I work in Roseburg. His dog hand is as big as my own hand. He’s basically a very slow luck dragon. I’ll have a few more tattoo photos up this week; I might go to some safari thing tomorrow, and if I do I’ll post some weird animal photos for you guys.

I tattooed all day, then helped Jimmy build a website for his art stuff. I’m visiting our Roseburg shop, I haven’t been down here in years to work. The place looks great.

Next week I go back to work in Seattle at Buddha again. I’ve got to get stuff for the book signing party at the shop. I’m pretty afraid nobody at all will show up and it’ll just be me sitting there with a pile of coloring books and candy. I get really nervous about doing this kind of thing to begin with…being visible in public for any kind of event is odd.

My editor friend calls me the Cascadian Salinger. I am not a great writer so it doesn’t work well as a comparison. But not wanting to meet and greet? Yeah. True.
I can work a tattoo convention no problem- I can talk to tattoo artists and spend a whole weekend talking shop with colleagues. I can collaborate with other artists and be close to them, be in big groups of any kind of artist, without any fear or real worry. But the people who buy or look at my work make me nervous if it’s an event of any kind.

I don’t know why. I’m always happy around dogs though.

If you can’t make it to the signing party, you can still order the book here at this link.  I wish everyone could come though, even though I will be overwhelmed if even a few people show up!