logger dogger, and the octopii

I have had a great couple of days. I worked on several really fun tattoos- I started a big thigh/hip/side piece on Edie, the woman with the koi fishes on her calf. It’s an amazing octopus, and we got just about done sculpting out all the linework. Pictures soon.

I also did a woodcut-inspired octopus on a much smaller scale, on Vanessa here. This was very very fun to do- It was a good day. I also did a few walk-ins, smaller things, and forgot my camera for a day. Splat took some pictures for me, of a cover up I did the same day as the wee octopus, we covered up a bad old iron cross with a lily. Pictures soon!

I also FINALLY tattooed Logger dogger. We did a totally Cascadian piece on him- he was born in Walla Walla, and is a native NW type, so I figured an Umbrella would be good. It’s raining blood, of course, and there’s some coffee at the bottom. We’ll be doing some background stuff in a few weeks, and a dagger going through a book on the backside of his arm too.